Information about JBL Homes and the advantages we offer:

Why Choose JBL Homes?

JBL Homes has been building fine homes in the Gulf Coast cities of Pensacola, Mobile and New Orleans since 1990. The staff at JBL Homes have a complete understanding of the various building processes, which has been gathered through many years of experience. The JBL Homes objective is to design and build a personalized residence for our buyers that not only meets but surpasses all of our buyer's desires and needs while maintaining care to stay within the budget specified. The "personalized" residences built by JBL Homes are to be distinguished from the so called "custom" changes referred to by some builders who are only providing standard tract built homes.

JBL builds primarily within communities it has developed and maintained. All building within the community is by JBL, which assures the Buyer that all homes within their community will be of the same excellent design and building quality as the Buyer's residence. JBL has complete ownership of its community development and is not subject to third party pressures to accommodate other builders that may not conform to JBL standards.

Our personalization process begins with an in depth "color and design selection" meeting. This allows input from the Buyer, on the exterior, interior and energy efficiency of their prospective residence. Once the floor plan and lot have been selected, our architect prepares a site plan to show the Buyer exactly how their new home will be placed on their lot. When colors, finishes, appliances, energy features, elevations and site planning are completed, the Buyer may sit back and relax while JBL Homes builds their "dream home".

Our Protected Pricing Policy

What do we mean by Protected Pricing?

By Protected Pricing, we mean you can buy tomorrow's home at today's price. This lets you rest assured that we will guarantee our pricing.

How does it work?

In summary, we will protect your sale price until you move in. Regardless of county, state, material, or home site increases, your price stays the same. It's that simple. We offer this protected pricing with every JBL home we construct.

Why do you need protected pricing?

We offer protected pricing because we care about our customers. Many companies will only allow homes that will be completed in the next 30 days to be sold. You cannot pick out colors nor can you select your own home site. You're stuck with what they want to sell you, not what you want to buy. If they do allow you to contract on a home to be built, they may include an Escalator Clause. Escalator clauses allow them to increase the sales price just before closing. We do not include Escalator Clauses in our contracts.

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